February 3, 2011

Things to Do When Bored

Perfect for the kid in your home or the kid in your heart.
For the days when you keep hearing "Mom, I'm bored... what can I do?" You can simply have your child read this poster and something is bound to click.

Or, hang this poster in your own office, studio or craft space. When your mind has gone blank, but you are aching for something inspiring to do... this poster will be there to pull you back from that void and set your mind on a fresh new track.

Sometimes we all just need to be reminded of the simple things that inspire us all.

*The idea for this poster came to me on a gloomy winter day when despite my best efforts, I could not summon any creative energy. I started to write a list of simple things that might break me out of my funk.

As I wrote the list I realized that I wanted it not to dictate creativity, but be more of a map, leading you to your own thoughts, memories or creations. I tried to keep it simple yet playful, touching on ideas that send all our minds reeling with stories and may even make our hearts flutter a little...

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