February 7, 2012

So Very, Very Lovely Valentine

Valentines day is not just for sweethearts. It is the perfect excuse to remind someone just how special they are...they may need the reminder!! A wife, girlfriend, sister, niece, mother, aunt, or friend. This package comes with 8 beautiful little prints (2.5" x 3.75") and a pretty scripted note with these instructions:

"Put these cards in places you look Every Day. On your bathroom mirror, in your underwear drawer and on your computer monitor. Use one as a bookmark and tape one inside your daily planner. Stick one on the fridge, on the dashboard of your car or even in your jacket pocket. Just find places that you look often and be reminded that you are so very, very lovely!"

For someone you are extra close to, you could even hide these notes for them to find throughout the day. They come in a cute little package with with an envelope so you can include a note of your own as well. Oh so fun!

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